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Toys can be seen as a way for kids to play and explore their imagination. There are however toys that help youngsters learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Australia is famous for its vast outbacks, stunning beaches, and diverse wildlife, however, it is also becoming famous as a place to play with STEM toys. Toys that teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics are growing in popularity in Australia as parents strive to give their children the best education they can get.

One of the leading STEM toys has to be Cubetto which is a wooden robot that helps children learn to code. Cubetto is a massive success in Australia with parents waiting up to purchase one for their children.

Other well-known STEM toys include littleBits, which is a set of electronic blocks that let kids make simple gadgets, and Roominate A construction toy that helps girls discover engineering and architectural concepts.

Educational STEM toys for children

What are STEM toys?

STEM toys are toys that aid children in learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They can range including dolls, blocks and board games.

Australia has a variety of STEM toy Kids Science Kits options available for youngsters. Some of the most popular Australian STEM toys include Cubetto an wooden robot that is a teaching tool for kids on how to code, and LittleBits, electronic building blocks that let you create personal gadgets.

STEM toys are an excellent means for kids to understand about new subjects in a fun and engaging method. They can also assist in developing the skills of problem solving and inspire creativity.

Why are STEM toys important?

STEM toys are important because they can help children understand essential subjects at a very young age. Toymakers are always searching for the next breakthrough to attract the attention of parents and children. According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, in 2017, the sales for traditional toys and games amounted to $20.5 billion, down from $21.6 billion in 2016. However, sales of STEM (science, technology, engineering, as well as mathematics) toys and games increase to $2.3 billion in 2016 to $2.8 billion last year, accounting for 11 percent of toy sales in 2017.

There are many reasons STEM toys are vital. First, they help children improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In addition, they encourage children to pursue jobs in science or technology. Furthermore, they help teach kids about what's happening around them and how things function.

STEM toys are especially popular in Australia.

Australian STEM toy companies:

Recently, there has been an increase in production STEM (Science Technology, Engineering , and Math) toys in Australia. The country has seen an increase in the number of toy businesses committed to the production of education toys which focus on these topics. Most of these businesses are family-owned, small businesses who are driven to create exciting products.

One such company is Cubetto and it produces the wooden robot toys. The person who founded Cubetto, Filippo Yacob, was inspired to develop the product after noticing that his son's boredom when playing with traditional toys. He wanted to create an toy that would aid youngsters learn to code as early as possible.

Another Australian STEM toy business one is Technology Will Save Us. This company creates DIY kits that allow kids to create their own gadgets. The products they offer range from a solar-powered car to the weather station.

Australian STEM toy products:

Australia is a country which is known for its innovations and creativity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) areas. Australian toys companies are responsible for the development of many of the most popular STEM toys worldwide. Some of these toys are the Laser Pegs, a building set that allows kids to build 3D structures with vibrant plastic pegs. Then there's Osmo the tablet-based learning system that uses games to teach children math, spelling and many other subjects.

Australian STEM toy items are popular , not just in Australia however, they are also popular throughout the globe. They are also popular in other countries. Laser Pegs building set has been sold in over 70 countries. Osmo has been purchased by parents in more than 120 countries. This popularity is likely due to the high level of quality Australian STEM toys.

Different types of STEM toys:

There are a wide variety of STEM toys available and it's difficult to choose which is right for the child you are raising. This is a list of the most popular kinds of STEM toys, and what you can expect from them.

Mathematics and science toys can help children understand about basic concepts in those subjects. They often come in the form of puzzles or games and are an ideal way to introduce youngsters to fresh ideas.

Technology toys involve learning how to use technology in a safe and efficient manner. They could include anything including coding games, to electronic kits that allow kids to build their own devices.

Engineering toys teach children about how things function and how they can be put together. These toys might let children build bridges , homes, or even vehicles.

Robotics toys allow children to be introduced to the world of robotics.

Where to buy STEM toys in Australia:

If you are looking to purchase STEM toys for children in Australia there are a few stores that you can visit. One popular option is the Australian Geographic Store and sells a range in science and technology toys. If you're in search of something specific, such as robotics kits or a chemistry set, they'll offer it.

Another option is on the internet. There are numerous specialists STEM toy stores which ship Down Under including Robotshop as well as Thames & Kosmos. They generally have more choices than local stores, and may offer items at lower costs. Make sure to include shipping costs and delivery times when comparing prices.

Last but not least, remember your local department store , or toy store. They may not have a distinct STEM section, but they'll usually stock a handful of science-related toys that can encourage your child's enthusiasm for science as well as technology.


STEM toys Australia Are an excellent method of teaching your kids about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There are a myriad of types of STEM toys available in Australia and you'll be able to find the ideal one for your child. STEM toys can assist your child learn new skills and develop the ability to think critically. They also can aid in keeping your child interested in their learning and motivate them to learn more.

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